Valentine's Day Outfits

Romantic evening? Hanging with gal pals? Antisocial art making? Dressing for Valentines Day no matter your plans, plus a few Ouimillie recommendations on food and wine. 

A dressier look that plays on traditional femininity. The Bellerose Acryl Dress is perfect with its plunging neckline and extra skirt fabric that will billow in the wind. Style hair up with the Isshī's Mina Earrings and finish the look with  Rachel Comey Flock Bag for a touch of glamour. 

Your special someone won't run out of things to compliment you on!

Ouimillie Dinner Recommendation:  Pammy's in Cambridge

Your living life 100% YOU and are happily single, but you want to be sure that  the parents know that you REALLY ARE KILLING IT. Keep it casual with pops of color. Start with classic dark jeans and an organic cotton Helmstedt T-shirt. To really feel at home -- add an adorable alpaca Cardigan named Earl.

The padres will sleep soundly tonight!

You have not been out to eat since Christmas and want to feel EXTRA BEAUTIFUL with your homemade, social distance, pancake brunch! We're keeping this look fun. The sleeve on this Limbara Top is to die for, not to mention the Mott Pant with the elasticated waist for delicious food.  A little gold earring and daisy necklace. Lastly a pair of Pomme Clogs to give you a little casual height!

Your favorite friends will surely feel the love. 

Ouimillie Recommended: Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe 

An outdoor walk to a spot with a beautiful view may be the ideal covid Valentine's activity! Wear the stunning Barla Boot with a Funky Cargo Pant so you feel extra sparkly. Top off this look with THE comforter coat of the season and the punky Trevor Beanie

You've arrived at your destination: the view of the city may only be second to the view of YOU. 

Maybe V-day is just not your kind of day. All good! Unleash your inner creative spirits with a little Cancelled Plans scents and the ultra-ROSY Barrie Jumpsuit.

Let's do some flower arranging, some painting, and some wine drinking.

Ouimillie Recommendation for Wine Delivery: Haley + Henry Winebar

YOU FORGOT Valentine's Day?!?! Not to worry. Pop in to Charle Street and grab a few things to help you express how dear your person is to you! You flower arrange with a Hidden Vase, snag an Ina Bag, gift a bit of bling with a Kesshō Bracelet, or Mellow out with some snacks (only available at retail locations). 

Wow. That was a close call! But you pulled off a super thoughtful expression of your care.

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