A Letter from Pam, The One by One Project

We wanted to share an email that we recently received from Pam Rosenberg- Co-Founder of The One By One Project. It's close to our hearts and we had to pass it along!
Thank you Millicent and Ouimillie for all you do to support our work and for the incredible opportunity to be the beneficiary of the Ouimillie Holiday Fashion Show!
Because ticket proceeds will benefit The One By One Project, I wanted to share recent examples of how The One By One Project has helped neighbors in Greater Boston and how the fashion show funds will help address the evergrowing need for support.
The One By One Project recently paid a mortgage to avoid foreclosure for a single mom. Every week we make rent payments for families to avoid eviction. We have paid utility bills to help families prevent shutoff, keep the heat and lights on, and purchased grocery gift cards for people facing food insecurity. Some areas you might not think of that we support-  purchasing refrigerators and beds for families moving out of a shelter and into apartments and providing gift cards for transportation to work, school, and critical medical appointments or covering the cost of car repairs to allow parents to get their toddlers to early education and to get to work. 
Because 100% of all donated funds are passed back into the Greater Boston community, the fashion show ticket sales will directly impact our community. Thank you for all you do to use your platform to make a difference. You all are superheroes.
Thank you Pam for this letter and how we can all help this holiday season. It's fabulous that every dollar sent to The One by One Project is directly given to the recipients. Let's have a blast next week! To the Boston community: Join us Nov 30th for the fashion show Boston has never seen and let's make the night matter for so many Boston area families that need our help!

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