Meet the Artist: Susan Fried

Music, laughter, and color spilled out of the door onto Charles Street as we celebrated and welcomed our newest resident artist, Susan Victoria Fried, to the walls of Ouimillie. On Thursday, March 30th, Ouimillie hosted a very warm welcome night for Susan, inviting old friends, new friends, coworkers, clients, family, and everyone in between. Over 15 original framed pieces of artwork were hung in the shop along with 5 framed photographs, and a stand holding many different sized prints of the original artwork in store. 

Susan is an extremely talented multimedia artist and photographer who specializes in collage and painting. She currently resides in Maine with husband/aka, Jeff/Boo, whom she considers to be a muse for many of her pieces. A very special collection of 4 pieces, beginning with entitled “The Courtship Series”, depicts Susan and Jeff’s sentimental love story and continuing with four sequences ending with the oh so romantic “The Proposal”. 

Not only is Susan an incredible artist, she lights the lives of so many humans she has touched, including all of us at Ouimillie. We have known the lovely side of Susan being a long time supporter of Ouimillie and now the prolific artist who grew a full collection sprung from her love story. . . Straight to the Ouimillie walls! Susan has a gloried career in the legal world and lovingly sits as a trustee for the Boston Ballet for over 25 years. 

Come stop by Ouimillie at 126 Charles St to view the breathtaking work of Susan Victoria Fried taking in her love for her husband, maybe even meet Susan as she is occasionally slated to be at Ouimillie to talk to clients about her work! Please inquire at to meet Susan personally. 

Note: Susan has done an exceptional job of recreating her original in print format, they make the most lovely gifts and offer you the opportunity to have the entire courtship series all your own! View the collection online here.  

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