About Us

Pronounced wee-mill-ee, Ouimillie is a Boston-based lifestyle boutique and design studio run by a tiny and close-knit team. We showcase established and emerging talent from as far as Denmark, France, Belgium and Italy, and as close as Boston and New York.

Focusing on curating color and positivity has helped us create a fashion forward and consciously supportive community of designers, staff, clients, stylists, and artists. Every piece we carry allows us to share its designer’s story and values.

Ouimillie is owned by interior designer Millicent Cutler, whose work is perpetually influenced by those around her.

She originally founded the boutique with a focus on home goods, but remained passionate about fashion. The success of the initial jewelry, denim and bag lines led Cutler to begin curating and offering more clothing and accessories with the same care and obsessive attention to detail as her home goods.

“Curating each season is pure joy,” Cutler says.

Shop online or visit our Boston or Cambridge boutiques to view our collections.

Located at 126 Charles Street in Boston and 141 Huron Ave in Cambridge, MA.

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