V-Day Gift Guide 2023

A Ouimillie filled gift guide for your lover, yourself, your bestie, the mothers, and the daughters. 

Deck your lover out in only the most beautiful and unique jewels. 
Crochet Bag in Fuschia by Marco Rambaldi

Red Heart Solitaire Ring by Les Néréides
Lotus Lariat Necklace by Briwok Jewelry
Antoinette Neck Sash/Belt by Isshi
Orchid Earrings by Briwok
Million Roses Choker by Dauphinette
Million Rosebuds Bracelet by Dauphinette
Rosebud 14k Charm Ring by Dauphinette 
14k Cedar Branch Hoops by Airy Heights Design 
Alpha Hoops by Rachel Comey
Hypnosis Earrings by Isshi

Because you deserve to treat yourself for Valentine's Day too.
Crochet Bag in Green Water by Marco Rambaldi
Mini Pezzi Necklace by Rachel Comey
Heart Rose Petal Baby Button Ring by Dauphinette
Casilda Polished Leather Slingback Pumps by Souliers Martinez
Spina Dress by Rachel Comey
Arm Warmers by KkCo
Paisleigh Coat by Stand Studio
Floating Hearts Sweater by Marco Rambaldi
Strawberry Necklace by Dauphinette

Share the love and spoil your best friend with the pieces they deserve.
Mini Daxing Bag by Rachel Comey
Coral Earrings by Briwok
Kin Euphorics Spritz
Blatty Scarf by Bellerose
Frog Ring by Collina Strada
Funt Socks by Bellerose
Lanny Jacket by Alabama Muse
Memory Necklace by Isshi
Provence Thistle Earring by Dauphinette
Ivory Rosebud Earring by Dauphinette
Rhinestone Water Bottle by Collina Strada
Split Mesh Turtlneck by KkCo in Kiwi & Eggplant and Turquoise & Carrot

A way to give back to the women who love us unconditionally and listen to us even when they don't want to.
Ro Tote by Rachel Comey
Brisei Earring by Rachel Comey
Kaare Scarf by Rachel Comey
Bangalore Pouch by Essentiel
Diana Coat by Stine Goya
Tea by Mariage Freres
Apothecary Candles by Source Adage
Nirya Bag by Bellerose
Fond Sweatshirt by Rachel Comey

Extra special pieces for the extra special daughters in your life. 
Crushed Chain Necklace by Collina Strada in Lime and Sunset
Faux-fur Hat by Alabama Muse
Frog Ring by Collina Strada
Mid Quinn D Sneaker by Premiata
Garden Pepper Earring by Dauphinette
Meishi Shampoo and Conditioner
Clara Hat by Stine Goya
Socks by Stine Goya 
Tris 6051 Sneakers by Premiata
Loose Jean by Dauphinette

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