Three Tips for Holiday Gifting

Holiday shopping can be really tough. 

Between discerning what kinds of gifts to get for every friend, relative, and estranged coworker then keeping track of what you've bought for who, it can get really overwhelming. Here are three tips to simplify things.

Tip 1: Gift Guides

Our lovely staff has been working hard to create few holiday gift guides that are need specific.

The first is the Holiday Dinner guide which includes dressier looks that are both roomy and elasticated such as the sequined Bellerose Izo Skirt, so you can eat to your heart's content, in style!

The second is the Small Gifts guide comprised of physically smaller pieces for stocking stuffers like An_Erin face masks, some graphic Stine Goya Verita Socks.

House Warming guide includes home goods ranging from vases by Valerie Objects to the sweetest enamel salad tossers by London based Bombay Duck. This mix is great if you are hosting a small group and want to spruce up your place or bring a thoughtful gift as a guest. 

We all have that friend (or maybe you are that lucky SOB :D) who is Living Somewhere Hot away from this COLD New England weather. This guide is packed with warm weather pieces and beach accessories such as the Helmstedt Strawberry Beach Bag.

The final gift guide is for those brave souls that have rolled with the punches 2020 brought and decided to cozy up: The Homebodies. We're talking Notes du Nord Cashmere Joggers and Chicago-based 123 Ciao Sweatshirts that are SO SOFT. 

Tip 2: Organizing with a Table  

The method one of our staff member's swears by is a color coded table. YES, we know. We also gave her flack for it for taking all the fun out of such a joyful time, but then we gave it a closer look... it's simple and genius.

A digital gift table will help keep you on budget, keep you organized, and make sure everyone is accounted for! 

Organizing Shopping Spreadsheet

If you like the table, here is a Link to a blank version of the table. Just go to File and select Make a Copy to create your own editable version.

Tip 3: Ask us for Help!


We are more than happy to help you pick out the perfect things. You describe the person and we'll work together on a gift.

We'll assist you any time Charles Street. If you don't feel comfortable shopping in person feel free to contact us to set up a phone or zoom call. 


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