Spring Shoot

Ouimillie had an incredible photo shoot on April 9th with photographer Toan Trinh. The goal of the shoot was to capture the spirit of dressing up again and enjoying life both indoors and out.

A handful of the photos are taken inside of our shop on Charles Street with Dahlia Raz’s incredible artwork serving as a backdrop. The rest are taken around Beacon Hill. 

The shoot was possible through the hard work and collaboration of several people! 

Toan Trinh, our photographer working out of Chelsea. He splits his time between Boston and Berlin. He has done an incredible mix of fashion photography, portraiture, and landscapes – and curates an inspiring instagram. During the summer, Toan feels most at home on the beaches of Plum Island. You can learn more about him on his website or @iamtoantrinh.

Ella, one of our models is the sweetest human! Her family is Eritrean and she was born in Ehtiopia. She enjoys art and fashion. Ella, from childhood, has always had the mindset that she has a purpose in the world, so she walks through life with intent! Find her at  @_beingella. Thanks to Divine Souls Management  (@divinesouls.m) for getting us in touch!

Emily, the other model has such a fun spirit and is a major jokster! Find her at @emilyaiguier

Soma Optical based in South End so kindly lent us fabulous sunglasses for today. Soma is a fabulous optical concept store and boutique. They carry small batch glasses frames made with the utmost care and artistry. Check them out at their website and follow them @somaoptical.

Thanks, always to the Ouimillie Team who work their butts off keeping everything running smoothly with the biggest smiles. 

1. Dahlia Raz Art

2. Prim Dress

3. Dickinson Caftan

4. Neon Sneakers 

5. Ania Hairclips

6. Atlantica Necklace

7. Rambutan Bag

8. Dahlia Raz Art

9. 'S' Pearl Necklace

10. Shiba Belt

11. Momo Clutch

12. Anemone Bracelet

13. Spiff Jacket

14. Gold Pants

15. Nina Cherie Hand knit Pillow

16. Fount Mule

17. Isla Earrings

18. Dusk Tee Shirt

19. Crepe Pants

20. Limousine Clutch

20. Large Keel Earrings

21. Manoush Baba Dress

22. Dahlia Raz Lady Bag

23. Vence Jacket

24. Momo Clutch Ink

25. Edia Bag

26. Isshi Double Entedré Necklace

27. Gerdis Scarf as a top

28. Handy Pants

29. Rachel Comey Jest Top

30. Meteor Pants by KkCo

31. Rachel Comey Perforated Cove Boots 

32. Kin Spritz

33. White Visor 

34. White Bucket Hat

35. Cherie Fringe Bag

36. Davis Trouser

37. Dauphinette Starfruit Slice Earrings

38. Iceberg Touch Sweater

39. Samantha Dress by Stine Goya

40. Alia Bag

41. Palazzo Pants

43. Octopearl Earrings

44. Berger Bag

45. Valero Jacket

46. Baby Cila hand distressed jeans - in store or DM us

47. Soma Sunglasses - from Soma Optical in South Boston. 

48. Baby Keel Earrings

49. Daisy Chainmaille Top - Sold out.. other flower chainmaille

50. Soma Optical Sunglasses, South End Boston

51. Bouquet Earring

52. Lovett Shoes

53. Kimono Jacket by Ottod'ame

54. Manoush Alma Blouse

55. Irolo Shorts

56. Ina Bag

56. Vouzio Blazer

57. Mickey Tee

58. Pomeo Pants

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