Photoshoot in the Public Garden

Normally we kick of fall with our Fashion Show..

Needless to say that wasn't going to happen. In an effort to recreate the joy and overwhelming community we feel from our bi annual fashion shows, we decided to host an impromptu photo shoot in the public gardens on October 18 - 19. 

Friends, clients, and staff collaborated in Ouimillie clothing! We were so humbled by the turnout and are floored by the content coming out of this event. It was the most fun day!

Special thanks to:


Taylor - @tayglo

Sierra - @tsuamarreis

Isabelle - @isabelleasmith

Biz - @whatbizwore

Margaret - @margaretsullivan_

Annie - @annie_madden

Lawrence - @slightlymochalola

Liana - @lianaferrara

Emily - @emily_gold_rosenblum

Gabbie - @gabbieforderaro

Sam - @sdowson

Marion - @marion.shouten

Rayra - @rayraboo

Photographers and Shoot Assistants

Alan - @abarringtonevans

Corinne - @cornneabasler

Ana - @annanasi

Sadie - @sadie_safrit



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