Ouimillie's Guide: Romance in the City

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we asked all of our team members to come up with their favorite romantic spots around Boston. Whether you are spending it with yourself, a lover, your best friends, or your family, indulge in the romance and check out some of our favorite spots around town.

Beth’s Pick- Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: 
Take a tour around the beautiful home of Isabella Stewart Gardner and bask in the romance of old paintings (many from the 1800’s), incredible architecture, and a breathtaking courtyard filled with vivacious plants. Everything about this place is romantic!

Marisa’s Pick- Strega North End:
Nothing is more romantic than a candle-lit dinner with pasta and wine. Grab a cannoli to share before going home with warm belly's full of good food, drinks and conversation. 

Millicent’s Pick- Mass Ave Bridge:
Celebrating the forbidden love of Boston and Cambridge, two lovers who are connected by a long bridge. I love the Mass Ave Bridge for how long it is, and the feeling you get between Cambridge and Boston is incredible by any mode of transportation. The bridge is measured in Smoots after an MIT student in the 1950s who was rolled across the bridge as a human ruler. Smoot always reminds me of smooch!

Annie’s pick- Anchovies:

A favorite spot for me and my boyfriend, Liam. As a foodie couple that loves to try new restaurants, we love exploring the South End and dining at the restaurant that has the most comforting foods, Anchovies. Going there is like going over a friend's house: feeling warm and welcome and knowing you are going to be taken care of. It never fails to fill our bellies and leave us wanting to go back for more! Afterwards, we love to take a romantic stroll through the beautiful streets of the South End, an area that we dream of living in someday!

Cree’s pick- Mount Auburn Cemetery:
A less traditional Valentine’s route, but just as equally special. The cemetery has many different pathways for you to explore, making it a great place to walk around, get lost, and explore the different gravestones. Another romantic quality of the cemetery is the landscaping. Most of the tree’s are extremely old and all different species- it’s like a scavenger hunt to find the oldest and most beautiful trees. The Washington Tower in the middle of the cemetery reminds me of Rapunzel’s tower and features an incredible view of Boston. 

Madison’s Pick- Bistro du Midi:
Take a Walk through the park and finish at Bistro Du Midi. It feels like you’ve stepped into France and you’re sitting at a cute cafe with your lover. I strictly recommend ordering a bottle of Wine and a dessert to share (chocolate molten cake). It’s a great place to sit for hours, people watching and romanticizing your own life! 

Marisa’s 2nd pick- The Boston Public Library: 
I haven't actually been yet but if I were to take myself on a date, I would get a matcha and go there. Romanticize my life and pretend I was there to reach for the same book as some cutie and fall in love. Get lost in a romance novel amongst all the whimsical architecture. You know a very Cancer thing to do alone.

Staff pick- Pammy’s:
Glamorous yet relaxed and comfortable, Pammy’s should be at the top of your list this Valentines Day when it comes to Cambridge eatery’s! Inspired by Italian neighborhood trattoria, Pammy’s is both elevated and lively with a menu to match. Bump elbows with the cutie of your choice while you sit by the fireplace and enjoy delicious food and decadent wine. 

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