Ouimillie Gift Guide 2021

Happy Holidays! Here at Ouimillie, we are wishing our community the warmest and safest holidays, and a healthy entry into 2022. 

Our team has diligently picked out our holiday selection, and we are certain your family and friends will love everything! We’ve especially focused this year on picking out sustainable small companies. These picks have come from all over the world; RhoEco teas from Greece, Ovo Things Candles from Lithuania, Futchi Candles & Not Just Pajama from London, and Les Nereides Jewelry from Paris are just a few examples!  

Above all, we are thrilled to spend the holiday season with you. We hope you enjoy our gift guide and our selections in store.

We are pleased to wrap, deliver, or ship any gifts out for you. If you have any questions, or would like any other assistance, do not hesitate to email us at info@ouimillie.com

For this year, we’ve decided to use the evil eye as a holiday theme for our shop. We love evil eyes for the beautiful aesthetic, but also for the meaning it brings to our community. Traditionally, evil eyes are believed to protect the beholder from evil spirits and bad luck.  

We are trying our best to imbue our shop, our team, and our community with a safe space to enter the next year with. Looking forward, we are wishing health, happiness, and healing to all around us. Thank you for your trips to Ouimillie, shopping online, and following us on social media.

Happy Holidays!


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