Meet Pam from 'The One By One Project'

Back in October of 2022, we hosted a glorious sold-out Fall fashion show where we partnered with Pam and Steve Rosenberg from The One By One project to help raise funds and awareness for their nonprofit. Earnings from the Ouimillie fall fashion show were donated to the One by One Project, utilizing fashion for a larger initiative to connect ourselves deeper into our community and form new, impactful relationships, recognizing the needs of others. 

Now, we are thrilled to join forces once again with Pam Rosenberg to celebrate her style, tenacity, and leadership, while shining a spotlight on an inspiring woman. Her unwavering dedication and passion for her work are evident to anyone fortunate enough to meet her.

Wondering what ‘The One By One Project’ is all about?

Pam and her husband Steve, founded The One By One Project to fill a specific need- small, urgent gaps in funds for people in our community. We all know those emergencies that can quickly take a family off-track: an eviction notice, the $600 utility shut-off notice, the $500 end-of-month grocery bill, and keeping a broken-down car on the road so kids can get to daycare and parents can get to work.  

In just over two years, The One By One Project has helped over 500 local families. Here’s how…

The One By One Project revolutionizes the old model. Local non-profits (30,000+ strong!) are the superheroes with their boots on the ground, seeing ALL the needs of families and communities. But, budget constraints and stretched staff make it tough for them to connect families to crucial resources. Enter The One By One Project! They partner with over 40 non-profits, trusting these partners to identify urgent needs like housing insecurity, utility shut-offs, and food insecurity. The One By One Project pays the bills within 24-48 hours, helping families to avoid a crisis. Every single donated dollar goes straight back to the community—no donor funds are used for overhead or administrative costs.

Now at Ouimillie...

We're thrilled to come together again with Pam, co-founder of the nonprofit, as she models for Ouimillie and showcases some of our latest summer 2023 arrivals from some of Pam’s favorite brands. At Ouimillie, we firmly believe that the clothes you wear should empower and express your true self, enabling you to embody confidence and strength. Pam serves as an extraordinary example of a resilient woman who is wholeheartedly pursuing her calling and making a significant impact on our community, while also having an incredible eye for style. 

Looking for ways to support The One By One Project? Donate directly here!

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