Meet Our LA Featured Artists

Our Los Angeles pop-up is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier to be on the west coast! Our curated collection is as eclectic as ever, matching the fun and playful vibe of California. Even more exciting, we have brought along 3 amazing artists with us to help fill the walls with their breathtaking art. 


Jackie Rines is a Brazilian ceramic artist who currently lives in Los Angeles with her adorable new puppy. Millicent sat down with Jackie (and got to meet the puppy) over dinner to learn all about her process and inspirations. The artist primarily produces larger scale pieces, not shying away from being bold and making statements, exactly what we embody at ouimillie.

At ouimillie you can find an oversized ceramic zebra rug named “Lisa” that slides down the wall to meet the floor. With its psychedelic stripes and eye-catching size, Millicent knew immediately that it would fit in perfectly in the shop. The piece was created by using a combination of feet and hands, as Jackie stated she likes to stomp out the shape and stripes using her feet, making the process much more personal and intentional. Jackie doesn’t shy away from making political statements with her pieces either. For her 2017 thesis art show that was inspired by “photos of famous dictators' homes, and the design elements present in readily available, aspirational American home goods”, Jackie created a tiger rug using the same process as the zebra. She went on to say that “Dictators love animal skins” and finished her thesis with “Clay has a memory. Humor is essential. Dictators are cheap. And everything is for sale.” 

The zebra rug has quickly become a statement at the shop and the most amazing compliment to our Los Angeles collection.


Andy Li the first artist that Millicent had decided to include in the LA pop-up. Meeting in Boston, the two instantly connected and she quickly knew that his pieces were perfect for the shop. Like Rines, Andy Li isn’t afraid to be bold and make statements. 

Andy is a multi-faceted artist, graduating from Mass Art with a BFA in Media and Performance Art with a focus in Film/Video and 3D Sculpture with a focus in Fibers and Soft Sculpture. Featured at ouimillie is a selection of hand embroidered banners with different statements on them, ranging from uplifting to humorous to bold and skeptical. He considers his work to be a “the visual exploration to the saying, "You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs."” 


Bobbi Meier is a Chicago based visual artist who works with many different mediums, including drawing, sculptures, photography, and installations. Her experience with different techniques allows the ability for intersection within her work. Combining multiple different elements, textures, and techniques provides the ability for further complexity. 

Featured at ouimillie LA are pieces from her “Nature Studios” mixed media pieces. The vibrancy and abstractness of the selected pieces are not only stunning, but the intricacy and abstractness of the work leaves you staring at them for hours. “Life’s frustrations and the human condition are embedded into her abstract sculptures, drawings, and installations through juxtaposition of delicate and aggressive material manipulation.”

Come check out all of our incredibly talented featured artists at our LA pop-up. We are open everyday and located at 3118 Sunset Blvd!

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