Featured Designer: Alexandre Blanc

Introducing our newest designer to the Ouimillie family, Alexandre Blanc. Alexandre is a designer based in Paris, France. With his hand-painted fabrics and timeless silhouettes, we could not be more happy to have his designs with us in Boston!

Annie wearing the cowl neck dress by Alexandre blanc

Millicent discovered Alexandre Blanc when she was visiting Sphere, a fashion week showroom that showcases some of the most renowned designers and fashion houses. While walking through the different designer collections, Alexandre Blanc’s collection immediately stood out. With dress forms covered in all of his key pieces, including the Cowl Neck Dress and the Jewel Jacket, she immediately knew that these pieces were works of art. After getting to know Alexandre and hearing about his design process, it was even more clear that his collection would be a great fit at Ouimillie. What intrigued Millicent most about Alexandre Blanc was the way that he was able to thoughtfully talk about his work, his processes, and his inspirations, making it clear that he had spent a great deal of time researching and creating his designs. 

About the collection:

Alexandre Blanc drew inspiration from Italian renaissance and architecture for the prints in this season’s collection. “The geometric patterns on the floor and walls of this Italian Renaissance palace contrast with swirling animal motifs, all printed on textiles that intentionally retain their hand-painted appearance. Colors echo the burnt sierra tones and faded hues of classic Italian frescoes, with bright yellow, pink, and green contrasts throughout.” 

Hand-painted fabrics are a starting point for all of Blancs collections. The luxurious fabrics of crepe de chine to shantung linen became the perfect canvas for Blancs artistic vision to escape. This collection in particular was inspired by the deep artistic past of Italy.

“I make clothes with personal patterns, happy and made to go out and have fun” states Alexandre Blanc. 

A work of art in itself, check out this video created to highlight Blanc's collection:

Where to find Alexandre Blanc outside of the store:
Website: Alexandreblancparis.com
Instagram: @alexandreblancparis

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