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Isshī was created by mixed-media artist Rolly Robínson with the intention of creating a place where childhood and adulthood could meet taking fantasy and imagination and creating concrete art for everyone. 

Rolly is a NYC based artist born in South Florida and raised in TN. Robínson's imagination and love of the arts was conceived by way of the ecosystems that they experienced as a young BIPOC child. Thankful for both mountainous woods and beach landscapes in addition to a colorful multicultural Puerto Rican upbringing, visions of the obscure and an escapist attitude let Rolly to where they are today. 

Isshī is an eco-conscious studio that produces meticulously detailed and delicately assembled pieces that are handmade in  NYC with precious and semi-precious stones, natural pearls and shells, precious metals, rare glass elements, and a myriad of unconventional techniques.

Inclusion, variety, and the passion for all things creative, unique, and beautiful are the builsing blocks of the #isshiuniverse. 

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