Fall Fashion Show 2022

Ouuuuiiii! Fall is back and Boston Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow! We are so excited to announce that Ouimillie will be closing out the Boston Fashion Week calendar on bostonfashionweek.com. Welcome to October as we present our most favorite Ouimillie looks!

We are taking this great opportunity to partner with The One By One Project, assisting in homelessless in the Greater Boston area.

Event Details:
Ticket pricing for the event has been set at $40. We humbly ask that in addition to your ticket, you consider donating to The One by One Project during the event or prior to. If you are not able to attend, please consider donating directly to The One by One Project.

SWAG!!! We are partnering with Boston area businesses to offer you really fun swag as a fashion show ticket holder.

We have sooo many fun details to share… For starters, the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge is hosting us!!! They have a beautiful indoor venue with a super cool vibe, the perfect fall foundation for seeing warm winter cozy looks.

We can offer 80 tickets to accommodate us at the Middlesex, please make it to our eventbrite as tickets are selling quickly!

What to expect at the show:
Fall looks are everything in the fashion world. They are more dynamic and layered with all the current trends, culminating in their ambition to try to keep you warm and still feel stunning while attending events, making your way through the streets of Boston, and feeling comfortable at home.

Style- I mean we totally have it! We’re dialing it up with the curation of our fall pieces through the view of Christian Adams, Boston-based and New York stylist. Christian works with musicians and publications to produce the most incredible editorial, fully polished looks. You will get to see all of what fashion is currently up to through Christians eyes.

Our models include a range of dynamic and diverse people, all of who make our city a fabulous place to be.

The Ouimillie team is growing and the support we offer each other is going into full play for this event. We are a team of love & outreach. After many community building shows we think it is a great time to partner with you and give a little back! Join us for an exciting story of amazing looks to kick off another chilly season in Boston.

Ouimillie is so excited to be picking up fashion shows more regularly again. To us, the shows mean the beginning of the seasons, and interpretation of the companies and designers that we cherish and love.

About the One by One Project:
We are partnering with our long time friend and one of our very first Ouimillie clients ever, Pam Rosenberg. At the pandemic's peak, Pam and her husband Steve founded The One By One Project to fill a very specific need- small, urgent gaps in funds for people in our community. We all know those emergencies that can quickly take a family off-track: the $600 utility shut-off notice, the $500 end-of-month grocery bill, the broken-down car, and most recently a sharp increase in eviction notices. 

The One by One Project aims to shake up the traditional funding model. Local non-profits already have deep roots in the communities they serve. They often see needs outside of their scope of services and don't always have funds to help (called “off-mission needs"). The One By One Project fills gaps for these make-or-break needs and  pays the bill for the person or family in need. 

Thank you so much for your participation in giving back to this great city and cause. Love, The Ouimillie Team.

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