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Bebe Wood is an actress and musician, whose current ventures include her role as Lake Meriwether in the show Love Victor, and releasing her debut EP, “21st Century Hippie”. Not only is she an extremely talented artist, but she has become a dear friend to the Ouimillie team! A major part of her career is travelling between L.A. and Boston to navigate a busy filming schedule. We decided to sit down and ask her some questions about how the coasts and fashion landscapes compare…



What is the one style moment you are seeing in both LA and New England currently?

“Both cities are so varied and eclectic stylistically speaking, but I feel like people are celebrating a more ‘relaxed’ look lately—which I LOVE. There's nothing better than a wide leg pant and a slouchy sweater, or joggers with the perfect accessories. Both cities do athletic wear really well, too!”  


When you're in LA what is your go-to outfit for a sunny day?

“My go to for a hot, sunny day is always vintage bell bottoms, a vintage tee (my yellow Led Zeppelin shirt is a favorite), platform wedges, some fun sunglasses, and a tote bag. When I'm in LA, my style tends to become very 'lady of the canyon.' Hahaha! However, I went out the other day and put together a more sophisticated, though still relaxed look with KkCo trousers, my Buci bando top, and blue blazer from Blazé Milano. I paired it with some little gold hoops, a small cuban chain, and velvet heels.” 

Bebe is wearing Buci, KkCo, & Blazé Milano


When you're in New England what is your go-to outfit for a chilly day out for brunch?

“All my favorite winter pieces I have in my closet are from Bellerose, a brand that perfectly fits my New England style. Their purple-gray corduroys, a nice fluffy sweater, with their navy and peach puffer would be my go-to chilly day brunch outfit. I'd pair it with my gold hoops, all of my rings, and some fun sneakers.” 


If you were having friends from the east coast come see you for a day, where would you take them shopping in L.A. and where would you go to eat?

“The Way We Wore is my favorite vintage store in LA. There are so many beautiful gems inside that place, it feels like a treasure box! You could be lost inside for hours and hours. The Chateau Marmont is definitely one of my favorite dinner spots. She's boujee for SURE, but the food is great, as well as the atmosphere. It's sort of frozen in time-- a quintessential Los Angeles experience! It holds a dear place in my heart, so I love to share it with friends and family when they come to visit.” 


If you had a group of friends from LA come to see in the east and you and you went out for a day, what would you do and where would you take them shopping and where for dinner?? 

“Well, number one, I would take them to OUIMILLIE! And trust me, I'm not just saying that. Y'all are my absolute favorite clothing shop in all of Boston. Everything is curated with such care, and the pieces you choose are so unique. Dress Boston is another Beacon Hill favorite. They have such a variety, all of which are beautiful! Boston has SO many wonderful restaurants. For breakfast and coffee, I'd take my pals to Tatte. Nothing like a Tatte latte and breakfast sammy. For dinner, I would have to say Pammy's in Cambridge! Everything is so delicious, and absolutely stunning, It is stylish and cozy and intimate! Everything you could possibly want!”


Bebe is wearing the Ottod'ame Sequin Shirt & the Ottod'ame Sequined Midi Skirt


Which Ouimillie brand do you think would be the most popular in LA?

“Upcycled by Reissued would be super popular in Los Angeles, I think. It definitely fits the Laurel Canyon vibe. It feels timeless and crafty, very free and comfortable. And I could see lots of different people with different, individual styles being able to incorporate at least one of their pieces into their wardrobe.” 


To see some of the pieces Bebe has mentioned, please check out the rest of our website! We are so inspired by the bi-coastal hustle that Bebe does so effortlessly. Stay tuned for more information about West Coast Ouimillie– she can’t wait to meet you ;)

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