Louise Roe - Stone Lidded Bowls *S A L E*

 Hide away your belongings or put some sweets to offer your guests.  Another storage solution for any application.  Kitchen; dining; bed...

All stone option are available in all sizes upon request, expect lead times.

Stone Bowl Betty, Size: S - Ø7 X 5CM Color: Black Marble

Stone Bowl Martha, Size: M - Ø12/H7 cm, Color: White Marble

Stone Bowl Greta, Size: L - Ø17 x 9cm, Color: Green Marble

Use your bowls to hide away personal belongings or make a decorative set up with sweets for your guests to give an elegant look.

Marble is a natural material therefore it takes in oil from foods which can alter the color of the stone.

Sale: Originally Betty: $34.00 Martha: $73.00 Greta: $98.00

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