Södahl - Dug Staincoat® Tablecloth

Södahl surface Staincoat® makes your tablecloth liquid and dirt resistant. Staincoat® binds to the fibers and forms an invisible, durable shield which does not affect the item's appearance or feel, but effectively protects against dirt - even to difficult greasy stains from thing like butter and salad dressing. Most liquids - even oil - will simply bead on the surface of the treated fabrics, after which they can easily be cleaned.

Good advice for the care of your Södahl Dug:

Remove liquid immediately - the longer dirt and stains are allowed to sit, the harder they are to remove.

Use an absorbent cloth or some paper towel to soak/dab spots or spills, but be careful not to rub the stain further into the fabric.

Remove butter, ketchup etc. with the tip of a knife before wiping with a cloth or tissue.

Remove loose dirt with a damp cloth.

After washing your Södahl Dug, it is important that that blue cloth is ironed at 170-200° C, as this restores Staincoat® effect.

Some stains that contain color, for example, coffee, red wine and ketchup, can be difficult to remove. Professional dry  cleaning may be necessary on some cases. 

Staincoat® surface treatment means that textiles can be used several times before washing, which prolongs product life.

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