Bellerose - Datev Sweater

Bellerose - Datev Sweater

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The Datev sweater is the v-neck cousin of the Datti sweater.  It is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy all winter long, and will give you the flexibility to layer.

  • 65% Angora Wool. 35% Nylon. 
  • Dry Clean only. 
  • Model wears a size 1.
  • 0 - XS, 1 - S, 2 - M, 3 - L.

Please note: Because the angora we use was obtained by shearing the rabbits, the hairs are of a shorter length and because of that, our angora products do shed hairs. This improves once the product has been washed (correctly) but will not stop after washing. This is not a defect. It’s part of the nature of our angora yarns.