Meet Morgan Dyer


Meet Morgan Dyer! Morgan is a local artist out of Gloucester, Mass who specializes in stunning large-scale paintings done on raw canvas. Her paintings are comprised of pools of paint that are layered over and over again ending in ribbons of color and texture intertwined to achieve an energetic color field. The process from start to finish can reveal pouring pools of pigment onto the canvas mimicking forms in nature such as puddles, the moving tide, melting ice, intersections of rock and more.



In an effort to support and promote local artists, we asked Morgan to create a large-scale piece to go in our storefront window. This one-of-a-kind painting was installed in our Charles Street faceing window on April 29th as a reminder of the beauty in this world and the hope that we all share! If you are in the Beacon Hill area pop by our Ouimillie storefront to get a glimpse of this gorgeous piece. We hope it will bring you joy!



Check out more of Morgan at or instagram @morganrdyer

Shop Morgan's work on our website.