Eleanor Score

Eleanor Score is a local artist working in mixed media. 

She was born in Marion MA in 1949. Eleanor studies at the Maryland Institute in Baltimore and graduated from the BU School of Fine Arts in 1972. Recently Eleanor has studied life drawing with Louise Weinberg un Brookline and at the Provincetown Art Association. 

For Eleanor, color has always been the thing that vibrates. To her,  "the first thing I see in the world is the color of everything. I paint because I have to." If she is out walking around town and a particular vista or moment catches her attention, she'll impulsively pull out a sketchbook to draw it.

She tends to paint from life, almost exclusively on  the spot to best capture the emotion and movement of that instance. Eleanor often paints light both directly and indirectly through color, as Matisse did. 

Flowers and spring bring her the most joy. To her the color and the way they are plurally a sign of renewal and ephemeral intrigues her.  She is similarly fascinated by the human figure because of how emotion and an essential spirit can be translated through gesture alone. 

Being so lucky as to live in between her homes in Beacon Hill and Provincetown, she feels that she is never short of subject.

Follow here on instagram @eleanor_score. Her website is coming soon!

In the meantime, see her work at Ouimillie (126 Charles Street) though the summer.