Spring Fashion Show 2019

Ouimillie Spring 2019 Fashion Show

March 28th, 2019

It’s spring fashion! Finally, after the many shopping trips and shows we’ve attended recently, we get to share our biannual fashion show with our Ouimillie community. In both spring and fall we show off our curated collection of designers and brands from across Europe and locally from Boston/NYC. This past Thursday, we partnered with the Leica Store Boston and Leica Gallery Boston to put together a show featuring Notes du Nord, Cheyma, our friend and vintage designer Alaina Ron of Lady Lizard, and many others.

Since this was our fifth show, we had a legacy to live up to. The ouimillie team was working hard, making sure every last detail was perfect! Our lovely stylist, Evan Crothers, pulled together pieces from our collection, showcasing some of the most memorable new spring pieces. As in the past, some of our amazing clients and friends of all ages showed up for the occasion. Ten of them were our fabulous models for the show, showcasing that our clothing is not made for one particular demographic, something we pride ourselves on.

The days leading up to the show were hectic. Every piece to be shown was set aside, jewelry, handbags and shoes included. But, the team here at ouimillie was on their best game, smoothing out all the creases, literally and figuratively. 

On the night of, over 130 people showed up at the Leica Store Boston, ready to watch our models rock the runway. The runway, of course, that followed a path through the gallery into the front of the store. Not your traditional runway, but one that worked perfectly for us. We had members of our team and others capturing the whole event, using incredible Leica cameras that the Leica Store Boston provided for us.

That’s one sexy camera brand.

At the end of the night, a few things were evident. The audience loved the looks, along with the following reception of nibbles and drinks. Everyone had an amazing time, and the hard work from our team, stylist, make-up, and hair was well worth it.




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