October 20, 2017

model walking ouimillie fashion show

On the third Thursday of each month, Ouimillie puts on an in-shop event with the hopes of bringing together the members of the Boston community for a night of art, fashion, conversation, and hopefully a little bit of shopping. September’s third Thursday event was the
imaginative brainchild of Millicent; a fashion show. Dipping our toes into something we’ve never
done before, an exhilarating theme of running a small business, the Ouimillie staff dove straight into the planning, prep, and execution of putting on a fashion show in our shop to show off to everyone the new fall product we had all been patiently waiting for. Our intentions with this event were to show people that there is more to offer when it comes to fall fashion than what many people view as traditional and that you didn’t have to look a certain way to wear these items.

model at ouimillie fashion show

We invited our clients and friends of all ages to model our beautiful new fall clothes.
By the morning of September 21st the shop had been completely cleared out, the chairs
had arrived, a stage and partition were built, and one hundred guests were on the list to be at
the show later that night. The feeling inside the shop was nothing but excitement and
anticipation for the show because if there is a group of people who love showing off new product the most it is the Ouimillie staff. (You should see the speed at which our windows change, we just have to show you guys everything!) Seven o’clock rolled around and it was completely packed inside. The lights went down, the music by an extremely cute and talented ten year old DJ Zandro was bumpin, and Steven Duede artwork was projected onto the partition. To say the show went well would be an understatement. Considering we had never tried anything like this before, I would say it was a huge success. There were moments of chaos yes, but chaos only adds to the fun in my opinion. By the end of the night there were three things I knew for certain. One was that every single look was loved. I’m not just saying that because I helped style them. Two was that if I ever get married I am with out a doubt booking DJ Zandro, if I can even get him, to DJ the reception. And three was that seasonal fashion shows by Ouimillie were going to become a loved and highly anticipated event in the Boston fashion community for years to come.

ouimillie fashion show Boston


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