July 29, 2017

Every year, the Improper Bostonian releases their “Boston’s Best,” issue with what they call their “annual guide to the city’s finest restaurants, bars, and boutiques and much more.” Which means every year the people behind those fine places gather together for a few hours to celebrate the hard work they put into their businesses everyday to make it one of the best.

Owners of Ouimillie at Imporper Boston's best of Boston

Ouimillie opened its doors in May of 2016 in the small basement shop of 121 Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Over the past year, Millicent and the great team she has behind her has worked from morning to night (Millicent even longer,) to bring the people of Boston not just hard-to-find fashion, home goods, and more, but an experience inside the four walls of the shop that will keep them coming back. I have only been on staff since May of 2017 when we opened up the new space, but it became immediately clear to me that the people who shop here become not only clients but friends and that I was about to become a part of something great.

So last Thursday night I left the two block radius between the shop and my apartment for what seems the first time in weeks and Millicent and I headed across the common over to the W Hotel to celebrate getting the Best Gift Shop award along with all of the other honorees. Yay Ouimillie! When we first walked in Millicent turned to me and said “This is the only W Hotel in Boston right?” and I responded unsure by saying “Yeah I think so.” Luckily, we were at the right place and we headed up the stairs to the mezzanine level where we checked in, got our badges, and made our way to the taco table.

This party was way more than I had imagined it would be. If I were to guess what an Oscars after party was like I would say something like this. And If I ever find myself at an Oscars after party I’ll get back to you guys and let you know if I was right. There were several rooms full of food, drink, and activities — we happily wandered through them bumping into some of our own Charles Street neighbors from Heist by December Thieves and K.M Hudson. You could test out virtual reality courtesy of the Museum of Science, do glow in the dark yoga, and dress up as giant pieces of fruit from the Boston Public Market. At one point in the night, at the height of the luxury, we were sitting in chairs getting our hair done by stylists from G20 Spa + Salon sipping on some bubbles. Afterwards we continued to meander around, flaunting our newly done hair, and discovering a small table with little rice balls where Millicent kindly whispered into my ear “arancini, sweetie.”

Then 8 PM arrived and it was time for us to leave the event and make our way back across the common for another event, one that we were hosting at our shop for IGo sunglasses. I’m sure everyone at the event understood because the life of a small business is hectic, crazy, and the hard work never stops. So after a lovely night to which the Improper Bostonian deserves a thousand “thank you’s”, we are back to our daily hustle where we continue to make Ouimillie one of the best shops in Boston.  As I look into the next year I am hopeful. Hopeful that I see nothing but good things coming our way and hopeful that this time in 2018 I will have another reason to venture outside my two block radius and leave Beacon Hill for another night of great company, fabulous hair, and rice balls. Or excuse me, arancini.

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