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Caroline Najman was brought up in an open-minded family that gave her the taste of travelling and to live her life as she wished! She says she’s lunar, always in her thoughts, escaping while being surrounded by people, imagining, creating in her mind what she will be doing from the next stone, next shape, next gem.

Her adventure started in the USA. After graduating, she went to the west coast to discover something new and then to Florida, seeking for her American dream. But in Miami, although the city, the sun, the beach inspired her, she became nostalgic of her Parisian life. But she had discovered a true passion for stones and jewelry, a revelation. Happy to have finally found her way, she returned to Paris and immediately created her jewelry brand. That’s in 2008.

She quickly found her own style. Her pieces of jewelry are very thin; they look like mini jewelry, always keeping in mind that they should be affordable. She speaks of her pieces like « second skin » jewelry, a new way of wearing jewelry. It should be delicate, refined. Initially I was creating jewelry because it was pretty, now it has become a real mirror as they often reflect her state of mind.


A little anecdote about the chokers of the 90s

 “The choker is the earliest memory of fashion jewelry that I have a basic from the 90s. It was fashionable when I was a teenager but I’ve never worn it. I wanted to change a little the style and I confess that it is Lilly-Rose Depp who inspired me this line. For me it is THE summer necklace. It’s sexy, it brings the final touch to an outfit, it feels good. I wanted to revisit this object and propose a rock and elegant version. It’s like an ode to my teenager years, back in the Air Max days, the arrival of rap and the spice girls, denim jacket, fluo colors. And plastic chokers.” 


All Caroline Najman jewelry is handmade in her Parisian workshop. They are made as to be a second skin and to be played with, to be accumulated, superposed.

Choose the second skin of yours and get inspired!






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